Is Self Publishing A Better Option For Writers?

ImageThe rising popularity of self publishing on one hand has made it easy for few writers to get the work published easily and reach to the audience easily. On the other hand, few writers have had a bad experience. To make a better decision for whether it is a superior option, let us compare the good & bad points of self publishing.

Let us look at the points which are in favor of self publishing:
•    If you are tired of negotiating with the publisher, then you would get a relief from this, as here you are the sole decision maker of all the royalties.

•    In self publishing, writer/self-publisher has complete right in making every decision. He can set his own timetable as per the convenience, which is not the case with traditional publisher.

•    You have spent a good time in writing a book and you best understand it and its content. Therefore, when it comes to deciding the artwork, it gets easy to make decision oneself, instead of relying on somebody else, which is in the case of traditional publishers.

•    The copyrights remain with you instead of the vanity publisher. In fact, every right on the book is with you. Even if you want to have more than 1 POD Publisher, then as well you can go for that and this wouldn’t be counted in any rule violation.

•    Options like self publishing & self book printing also help in saving lots of money. You do not have to pay the overhead charges to the publisher or getting copies printing in bulk.

So, these were the favorable points, now let us also glance over the unfavorable ones.

Points going against for self publishing:
•    It is true that one gets to save extra amount in self publishing. But, in a way, you’ll have to make extra payment to purchase ISBN number to make your book listed at online stores. This amount for ISBN varies, thus you’ll have to search for the most suitable one.
•    Marketing is definitely an important aspect for giving good exposure to the book. When one consults vanity publisher, then he plans and makes strategies to market the book on online as well as offline channels. But in the case of DIY, you’ll have to do all such marketing tasks on our own. So, it is better to opt for this only if you have good alternative for this.

•     To get the copies reviewed is another crucial task that you would have to handle on your own. You would face several problems in this, as theImagere are different agendas of reviewers, some would ask for the copy which is yet to be released, and some would say no to e-book format. You might also encounter few, who would strictly say no to the work of self-publishers.

So, now, everything regarding self-publishing is transparent and you may decide which one is an easy & comfortable option for you.


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