Top 5 benefits of Print On Demand

ImageBook printing is one amongst the costly factors that are involved in getting the book prepared for distribution amongst the readers. In such scenario, the introduction of latest digital printing technology ‘print on demand’ has brought certain major changes in the printing world. Let us check what all benefits it provides for those who can use the services.

•    It helps in saving lot of money
Gone are those days, when getting copies printed in bulk used to save several dollars. Now, even a single copy can be printed without paying an extra amount. With print on demand option, you can get the number of copies printed in an amount that is required. You don’t have to pay for the extra copies that are just meant for the warehouse.

•    Optimize the space with print on Demand
Self-publishing companies are now mostly consulted because they mostly provide print on demand option. This option suits many, as with this, there isn’t any need to pay for an extra space or warehouse. Whereas, in the traditional printing method, it is important to re-organize the space to stock important documents. In fact, there are certain companies, which also provide direct delivery to the point of sales, so there is completely no need for an extra space.

•    Make updates as & when required:
If you need to make any update in the draft or make any additions or omissions, then it is possible with this option. The latest hi-tech production facility is added with special features that allow making changes as & when required. So, one can say, to keep the documents updated, it is one of the best ways.

•    It helps in contributing to environment
Most of the printed material is wasted, as it is either not required or has become outdated. With the print on demand option, one can reduce paper wastage as well. You get the print whenever it is required; this is a greener way by saving life of trees and ensuring less paper wastage.

•    It assures good quality
Print on demand is done using digital printing. There are high tech digital Imageprinting machines available in the market that assures high quality prints as compared to prints from offset printing.

These benefits have made several authors & writers turn self-publishers as well. With easy print on demand option, self-publishing book has become more convenient.


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