6 Simple-To-Grab Tips For Successful Self-Publishing

self publishing of bookAfter experiencing the tussle in the mind for whether to go for self publishing or not, if you have planned to step up and experience self publishing of book, then here are some tips that would help you step up the ladder of success. Hope you experience a smooth journey of being successful author-publisher.

  • 1.      Go for more than one book


To introduce two books at a time is a good way. Yes, it is much easier to sell two books instead of one. There are two benefits of offering more than one book. First, you can play with pricing strategy, i.e. the book with lower price can attract the fan base & bring in new readers. Secondly, you can give more options to your readers. Don’t worry about the pricing strategy, as you can easily manage them with easy options like on demand printing & publishing.

2.      Your book would be judged by the cover

If you want to create a healthy first impression on the readers then your book cover would help you. You must take the best of this opportunity and come up with the exclusively designed cover. You can either hire a professional graphic designer or work with him on the cover of the book, or you can also use several free tools available at the self publishing websites.

  • on demand printing3.      You must behave professional


Your work should reflect professionalism, otherwise; the reviews section would be full of embarrassing comments. The errors related to grammar or typing or literally too bad, so try to stay away of them. You have to make sure that the book is well-written, well-expressed, properly edited & yes thoroughly proof read. And yes, if you hire a professional instead of asking a friend or family, then that would credit appreciation of work to your account in the long run.

4.      Brand development will help you

To create your market or say fan club, you must build your brand. By creating a brand, you would experience several benefits and would also be able to create recognition for your work. A good way to create a brand is through cover, book title, name font, art concept, and tone. If you’ll be consistent with them, readers will be able to recognize your work easily.

Purchasing ISBN 5.      Purchasing ISBN would be helpful

ISBN or International Standard Book Number would give identity to your books. If you want to sell your books online, then you would require it. You can purchase it from the self publishing companies as well.

6.      Identify the right time to market your book

Well, although this is mentioned in last here, but never pay least importance to this. You must start marketing & promoting your book from the beginning, in fact until, it is finished. Marketing plan greatly affects the success or failure of the book, so you have to take every step carefully.



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