4 Obstacles On The Path Leading To Successful Book Self Publishing

books4 There are authors, who work hard to self publish their book, yet they fail to achieve what they foresee for themselves. The authors work hard to self publish their work, yet they fail to meet their goals. Let us see certain hurdles that hinders in the path of success.

Brief: All the mentioned obstacles relates to emotional state of mind. These obstacles are in thoughts that stop from proceeding in a forward manner.

The 4 common obstructions for self publishers:


Several self publishers feel that due to their unprofessionalism or lack of experience, they won’t be able to do justice to their work and hence it would be rejected. The feeling of rejection, since the beginning, demoralizes the person and the effect of which can be seen in the end result.
Advice: You must learn to be positive with everything that you do. You are hesitant about any trick or the process, then you may take help of experienced ones or even go through tips & guides on internet.

  •    Confusion

‘Confusion’ is one of the most dangerous obstacles that lead to nowhere. If you are confused about any concept and have got messed up with it, then it is very important to come out of it.
Advice: Proceed in a systematic way and at any step if you find yourself in any confusion, then immediately sort it out. If you come out of any confusion in the beginning then the later stage of book printing or publishing would be smoother.

  •     Worry

Do you feel worried about how would you be able to handle the big project to publish or print a book? If yes, then you will never be able to achieve your goals. ‘Worry’ is one of the powerful hurdles and if you will get trapped in its deception, then your self publishing goals would suffer greatly.
Advice: Keep all your worries aside, half of your task would be easily achieved.

  •     Fearbook2

Last but not the least, it is the fear that stops to move forward. Analyse your behaviour & attitude to analyse fear of anything, like your book wouldn’t be noticed, or you would get negative feedback or criticism from everyone or your books wouldn’t be sold, etc. Once analysed the fear, gather the courage to fight with it.

Advice: No doubt, the emotion is very powerful; still the value of your work & your dedication can become barrier over this and can make you come out with flying colors in your self publishing task.


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