Are You Able To Achieve Your Writing & Publishing Goals?

book5 Being a writer and self publisher, several people set their goals and objectives. You might also be one amongst those. But, how far do you think you are able to achieve the set goals & targets? Is it satisfactory? Or do you think you really need to either change your working pattern or the set goals? Well, thinking anything like this, then just shift your focus upon how you can achieve the targets & goals. To help you out, we have come up with 4 effective tips to meet the set writing and publishing goals. Browse below to know them:

•    Write down your goals & objectives
If you have your goals set then it means you have good intension, but if you write down your goals, then that means you want to be successful. It has been noticed during a research that only ‘20-30% of unwritten goals are realized’. This simply states that there are still 70-80% of goals, which although state that the intention is good, yet these intensions are unachievable.

You are definitely a writer because you are reading this blog, so you would be able to properly frame & write your goals. Otherwise, if you need certain guidelines & tutorials for writing goals, you can get it on internet. However, you have to make sure that the written goals are exact, assessable, achievable, important, and time-bound.

•    Be focused towards your destination
In your mind, you have planned to write a book and then self publish it. This is your goal, yet unspecific. You ought to be specific in what you actually want to write. decide and write down whether it would be non-fiction or fiction, business or romance, contemporary or historical, etc. If you will not clear yourself what you want to write about, you will never be able to achieve it.

•    Build a platform & commit to the time structure
For goals regarding writing and self-publishing a book, it is important that you create a path or platform for it and give time-limits to yourself. When you are writing about your book, you can also make strategies to promote it. You can make a Facebook page of that book as a promotional strategy to sell your book, when it is completebook3d.

•    Be prepared with the alternatives
If your work plan gets derail, then what would be your next step? How would you come back on track, if you deviate from your track? You have to be prepared with answers of such questions. To plan up for the sound alternatives is essential to achieve the goals perfectly.


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