Are You Self Publishing A Book? Follow These Helpful Tips

ImageSelf publishing a book has become quite popular these days. Several authors are experimenting with online book publishing & printing. If you too are one amongst them, then here are certain tips you must consider.


  • You must learn to criticize your book.

In general, when an author makes a visit to the book publishing house, then the book publisher or the expert goes through the book to ensure that the writing is error free. However, when self publishing the book, you have to do every task on your own. Therefore, when writing the book, you have to be careful and also pay special attention to the grammatical blunders & illogical sentence structures.

  • Pay importance to book presentation:

You must have heard that book should not be judged by its cover. But, if we look at the reality, you would be knowing that people do consider aspects like cover, formatting, page styles, graphics, images, and yes the price tag when buying a book. Therefore, you should be cautious towards presentation aspect and be relevant, & creative with it.

  • Cover design is important: Work upon it carefully

 Be it an e-book or printed book, cover design is very important. Before you print a book, make sure that design of the cover is not just relevant but engaging as well. For the engagement element in the cover, text or image can be well worked upon.

  • You must not neglect e-books:

E-books are getting popular to a large extend. It is definitely a cheaper way to not just reach the publish the book but also to reach to the mass audience. E-books are becoming a powerful source today, so make sure that you create a Imagecopy of the electronic format as well.

  • Rechecking the formatting of the book:

Before you finally print or publish the book, do go through the formatting of different aspects. Formatting of the book is very important, as if not done properly, then it might give an impact of unprofessionalism.


Additional Tip: Be it with publishing or printing, you have to take your decisions wisely. If you are not sure about the sales, then in the beginning you can go for on demand printing, to save the money.


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