Did you Get Your Self Published Book Reviewed? Know Why It Is Important!

ImageHave you become tired of going to different publishing house and saying ‘publish my book’? Has this made you become a self-published author and online publish your book on the own? Well, if you are doing this, then have you considered getting reviews for your self-published book? If yes, then that is great; but if no, then here are certain reasons for why you should get it done along with few tips on how to get that done perfectly.

Importance of Book Review for Self-Published Book:
Book reviewers can easily spread the word about the book in their network by publishing a review on it. Readers also give importance to the reviews as these make them decide whether the book is worth reading or what should they expect from the book, etc. If you can get a review for your book from renowned reviewers, then you can broadcast the news and use them as essential marketing tool to promote the book.

However, if you are new to the book printing or publishing domain and have never got a review written for the book, then you have to carefully figure out from which book reviewer you would get more readers. Also, here are 4 tips, you should consider for getting book reviews:

• Make sure you pick the right reviewer to make your review program effective. Make good research on which reviewer likes to review


, which kind of book and choose the appropriate one.
• When consulting the reviewer ask them about the requirements. Some book publishers require just print book while others ask for PDF.
• You have to follow up with the reviewer about the review carefully. Make sure you do not nag them to do so, but if you have not heard them from weeks, then formally ask them whether they still intend to write the review.
• And yes, when a reviewer writes a review for you then courteously thank him and appreciate for the time & efforts that he devoted.



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