5 Questions That Can Help You Sell Your Book With Ease: Part 2

ImageThe two important questions, we have already talked about in the previous blog, i.e. “5 Questions That Can Help You Sell Your Book With Ease: Part 1”, now, let us quickly look at other 3 questions, which will help you in selling your self published book easily. 

  • Did you get professional editing of the book? 

To edit the book professionally is very important. And the importance becomes further more in case of new writers doing self-publishing for the first time or the writers, who experiment with something different genre. Make sure that you consult a professional to edit your book so that you serve your readers with only the best. It is difficult to proof read the book on the own, and you must get some one good to check whether you are on the right track or not. 

  • Did you choose right category for your ebook?

Everyone has different habits and taste, likewise, the book reading taste varies from person to person. Therefore, it becomes important to put the e-book in the correct category, so that the people, who are searching for the book on that genre, can do that easily. Well, not just for the ease of the readers, but also to not allow the readers from bad opinion about you, categorizing the book properly is important. If they pick up your book, and get disappointed with what they get, then it would be a bad mark on your career as well. Thus, even self-publishing companies & online e-book stores suggests that it is important to decide the categories, tags and keywords associated with the book properly. 

  • Did you pay adherence towards reviews?Image

If you think reviews are not important than you have probably not understood the book selling from the core. Reviews are no doubt very important as these give social proof to the sales page and even feed into book site algorithms. It is also a very critical task. Some people would leave good reviews, some bad, and will not at all. It is ok if anyone do not want to leave a review after reading, however, in case of getting bad reviews, make sure you do not react to it. 

If you are not getting much reviews, then you can find self – publishing companies in Arizona, which can help you get much reviews. 

With these 5 tips from Part 1 and Part 2 of the blog, you can surely see a good change in the sales of your book.


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